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Waterfed Pole System

We have invested in the latest technology available, one that will soon become the industry standard; pure water technology. The Waterfed Pole System involves the use of telescopic poles and 100% pure water, which is filtered through deionization vessels.

How does it work?

Through de-ionization, ordinary tap water is turned into 99.99% pure water. Pure water is an aggressive yet safe cleaning agent. The water is then delivered to the windows using a telescoping pole up to 3 stories high.

De-ionizing water removes all of the impurities that lead to spots on glass. Using pure water technology on glass guarantees a spot free, residue free window and frame. Your windows will stay cleaner longer because there is no residue or static electricity to attract dirt. Your windows will be "Crystal Clear" after our technicians clean them - GUARANTEED!

WaterFed Technology?

 Why Choose Water Fed Pole Technology?

Better cleaning results

Windows stay cleaner

Reduced disturbance to your premises

Increased privacy; no more faces peering through your upstairs windows

Environmentally friendly; eliminating the need for detergents and chemicals